Street Kids feel welcome at Occupy Nova Scotia

7 Nov

By now, I feel like any journalist who says that the occupy movement is “aimless” or “has no message” is a huge idiot.

That statement is more about an unwillingness to look closer at what is actually happening on the ground. Halifax journalist Miles Howe has pointed out that, despite the absence of a media-friendly list of demands, it’s clear that there is a lot going on.

One such angle is the presence of the homeless, particularly street kids. Howe just did an interview with two street kids who had camped out with the Occupy NS protests in Halifax – you can listen to the whole thing at the Halifax Media Co-op site.

The audio is about 5 minutes, and you get the kids’ full uncensored take on their lives and their experience with the local Occupy encampment. There are many kids & adults like these two who have found some degree of inclusion and community at Occupy protests across North America.

This interview is particularly timely, after the death of a young woman at the site of Occupy Vancouver. As a friend from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside pointed out, the city has an average of one person die every three days from a drug overdose. The city is now using this death as the reason for forcing the shutdown of Occupy Vancouver.

So next time you or someone else disparages these protests, ask yourself why there are so many people out there who have nowhere else to go. Maybe you can even ask yourself what is it that’s so impossible about making sure *everyone* in our communities is looked after. Perhaps you should also wonder how, with limited resources, a small-ish temporary community of people still manages to share what they have, without judgement, because they believe that everybody matters.

Then give yourself a good, hard look in the mirror, and see if you can tell these kids–one of whom was kicked out of his house at the age of 9–that they’re just lazy, entitled slobs who need to stop being freeloaders and get jobs?

Photo by Miles Howe, originally posted at Halifax Media Co-op.


One Response to “Street Kids feel welcome at Occupy Nova Scotia”

  1. Ben November 8, 2011 at 3:20 am #

    This is why I support the movement…it does my heart good to see all these people doing what they can for each other.

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