Will Nova Scotia require Transgendered people to give fingerprints when applying for a name change?

8 Nov

So the Nova Scotia provincial government wants to get a criminal background check for folks wanting to get their name legally changed. This would involve prospective name-changers submitting a set of fingerprints.

Justice Minister Ross Landry claims that the pending legislation around this would not apply to children, or to people who want to change their name through marriage. He also assured that the fingerprints would be destroyed after the background check cleared.

I have yet to find any mention or consideration of transgendered folk in all of this.

Nova Scotia is not a friendly place for people in transition. It’s one of the provinces that doesn’t cover the costs of sex reassignment surgery, putting a significant part of the transitioning process out of reach for a lot of people. Even aside from costs, many medical professionals have along way to go in terms of dealing respectfully with Trans patients.

Canada also doesn’t explicitly protect Transgendered people from discrimination, disturbing in the context of transphobic discrimination and violence.

Maybe I’m being presumptious, but I can’t imagine that anyone would be thrilled at having to add yet another layer of hassle and humiliation to the transitioning process.

Any thoughts, Trans advocates? Any good online resources on Trans issues?


2 Responses to “Will Nova Scotia require Transgendered people to give fingerprints when applying for a name change?”

  1. denisesined336 November 8, 2011 at 8:29 pm #

    I fail to see the real relevance of this proposal. If the police are looking for a male and do a background check they would soon discover if one changed gender. I fail to see the relevance between a person changing gender and a person changing gender to avoid prosecution. It shows a large misunderstanding of the price we pay to become physically who we are emotionally. While I would not complain if they decide to do that, I do feel it is a unrequired legal process that just adds to the cost of an already too expensive procedure. Lets get real, there is enough legal tracking out there without putting us through this procedure.

  2. pictoucotrans November 8, 2011 at 10:04 pm #

    Trans folk deal with ENOUGH bull when transitioning. Throughout my transition and even still, years later, any time I am required to give evidence of my past to the government or medical services I am made to feel like an outlaw. I am a law abiding, working, tax paying citizen. The acceptance of transgender people in our society needs to be going forward, not taking more steps backwards.

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